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Length: 4 Days
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What is a TONEX Boot Camp?

TONEX Boot Camps are intensive learning experiences that cover the essential elements of your chose subject. Boot camps are ideal for busy professionals who want to stay current in their fields but have limited time to be away from the office.

All boot camp includes:

  • Experienced instructors including senior technology leaders, project managers, technical authors, engineers, educators, consultants, course developers, and CTOs.
  • Real life examples and practices.
  • Small class size.
  • Personalized instructor mentoring.
  • Pre-training discussions
  • Ongoing post-training support via e-mail, phone and WebEx.

What will you learn at the TONEX Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp?

This boot camp is designed for instructional designers, developer, instructor, facilitator, training managers, directors, training performance consultants , e-Learning specialists , technical trainer, training managers.

Our experienced instructors work with you, tailoring the Boot Camp content to your needs. Using real-life examples and interactive exercises, we teach practical ways to maintain your valuable customer base, win repeat business, and measure your organization’s ability to meet customer expectations.


Topics Covered

  • Training Needs Analysis and Assessments
  • Training Planning and Designing
  • Training 101
  • Project Management for Trainers
  • Writing Skills for Trainers
  • Instructional Design
  • Instructional Techniques
  • e-Learning Strategy Development
  • Designing Computer-Based Training
  • Web-Based Training
  • Games in Training
  • Adults Learning
  • Influencing People
  • Humor and Psychology in Training
  • Presentation Skills
  • Creativity in Training Development
  • Evaluation of Training
  • Training Development KPIs


Psychology of Learning

  • Principles of Learning
  • Leaning Analysis
  • Task Analysis
  • Objectives and Tests
  • Instructional Methods
  • Instructional Analysis
  • Validation and Evaluation
  • Training Elements
  • Group dynamics
  • The Introduction
  • The Delivery
  • The Summary
  • Demonstrations
  • Application - Practical Exercises
  • Evaluations
  • Psychology Rules of Learning

Characteristics of Learning

  • Learning Concepts and Generalizations
  • Instructor's Facilitation Skills
  • Instructor's Presentation Skills

Laws of Learning

  • Law of Readiness
  • Law of Exercise
  • Law of Effect
  • Law of Primacy
  • Law of Intensity
  • Law of Recency

Training 101

  • Major Component in the Training Function
  • Training Project Management
  • Instructional Design
  • Delivery
  • Needs Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Performance-based Training
  • How to Design Effective Training Programs
  • Using Adult Learning Principles
  • Analyzing Training Requirements
  • Developing Learning Objectives
  • Selecting Training Methods
  • Developing and Using Training Aids
  • Developing a Training Plan
  • Using Basic Facilitation Skills
  • Handling Problem Situations
  • Practice Training (Delivery)
  • Using Your Training Skills
  • Evaluating Training

Assessing Needs

  • Understanding Needs Assessment
  • Needs-Assessment Process
  • Developing an Action Plan
  • Assessing Participants' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills

Instructional Methods

  • Instructional Design as a Discipline
  • Instructional Design as a Science:
  • Instructional Design as Reality
  • Instructional System
  • Instructional Technology
  • Instructional Technology = Instructional Design + Instructional Development
  • Determining Instructional Methods
  • Lecture Method
  • Demonstration Method
  • Practical Exercise (PE)
  • Controlled PE
  • Practice Method
  • Case Study Or Team Practice
  • Procedural Demonstration
  • Displays
  • Role Playing
  • Video
  • Skits
  • Games
  • Case Studies
  • Advantages
  • Limitations
  • Sample of Lesson Plan Notes

Instructional Design

  • Definitions of Instructional Design
  • Instructional Design as a Process
  • A systematic development of instructional specifications
  • Analysis of learning needs and goals
  • Development of instructional materials and activities
  • Evaluation of all instruction and learner activities
  • Presentation Methods
  • Application, Practice and Feedback Methods
  • Writing an Instructional Plan
  • Design Philosophy
  • Time Needed to Develop a Training Program
  • Major Components of Design-Creating a Design Matrix
  • Purpose of an Instructional Plan
  • Components of an Instructional Plan-Instructional Methods
  • Developing Materials.
  • Analyzing Group Dynamics
  • Motivation and Leadership
  • Planning, Writing and Preparing
  • Delivering and Evaluation
  • Advanced Instructional Design

Building Lesson Plans

  • Course Development Process
  • TONEX’s pre-structured templates
  • Interesting, Creative, and interactive Training Programs
  • Reusable Learning Object Strategy
  • Designing Information and Learning Objects
  • Concept, Fact, Procedure, Process, and Principle Templates
  • Delivery Skills
  • Course Management
  • Time Management
  • Communications Management
  • Design
  • Development
  • Delivery
  • Evaluation
  • Assessment
  • Guidelines for Building RIOs
  • Practice Items
  • Assessment Items
  • Cognitive Level
  • Games in Training
  • Lesson Plan Paragraph Format
  • Sample Paragraph Format
  • Sample Lesson Plan Body
  • Sample Evaluation Paragraph

Workshops and Exercises

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