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Length: 2 Days
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Women Entrepreneurship Training

Women Entrepreneurship Training Course Description

Women Entrepreneurship Training will cover the main concepts and structures of women’s entrepreneurship from a gender point of view, and various factors and policies affecting the entrepreneurship process.

Women Entrepreneurship Training course will help you identify several elements impacting the gender gap in entrepreneurship, and which methods and strategies can help you overcome such gap.

Women Entrepreneurship Training course focuses on improving the economic opportunities for women starting, formalizing, or expanding their businesses.

Why Do You Need Women Entrepreneurship Training?

  • This hands-on, interactive seminar will give you a chance to meet with other female entrepreneurs who are going the same path as you are
  • This training helps you understand the potential gender barriers in entrepreneurship
  • You will get individual coaching to develop your own business model based on your view, mission, goals, and culture

Learn About:

  • Women’s entrepreneurship from a gender point of view
  • Various kinds of women entrepreneurship promotion (WEP) and that how they can affect women businesses
  • Creative practices and applying technology for WEP
  • Governmental policies in-place for women entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship as an effective tool to empower women’s economic
  • Developing, observing, and assessing WEP leads
  • Searching for business opportunities
  • The strategic view and elements of risk
  • The target market
  • The competition
  • Marketing plan and sales strategies
  • Operations
  • Management team
  • Development, milestones, and the exit plan
  • The financials

TONEX Women Entrepreneurship Training Feature

  • Through hands-on workshops and practical exercises, our instructors will coach you to try various solutions and tools to overcome the burdens against women success in entrepreneurship.
  • Participants will be provided by real world cases to work on in the form of group activities in the class to become familiar with the most essential components of entrepreneurship including but not limited to financing, policy development, business development services, market success, advertisement, and many more.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring in their own specific projects to work on. Through this, under our coaching, they will learn how to develop entrepreneurship style that fits their goals, resources, and the environment.


Women Entrepreneurship Training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • The female professional who are interested in startups or already have launched a startup
  • Young female leaders
  • Young female founders
  • Policy makers in national or local government institutions
  • Policy implementing agencies
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Business associations
  • NGOs
  • Higher education institutions
  • Those who run incubators

Training Objectives

Upon completion of Women Entrepreneurship Training, attendees are able to:

  • Understand the concept of entrepreneurship
  • Recognize the gender-based barriers of entrepreneurship
  • Design a business plan
  • Discuss various types of women entrepreneurship promotion (WEP)
  • Explain how WEP can affect women businesses
  • Apply creative methods and technology to overcome gender barriers
  • Identify where to look for business opportunities
  • Develop their strategic view and the risks come with it
  • Know their target market
  • Identify their competent
  • Develop their marketing plan and sales strategies
  • Discuss operations
  • Decide who should be in their management team
  • Define development and milestones, and create their exit plan
  • Understand the financials
  • Look for capital in the right places
  • Understand taxed, budgeting, and cash flow

Course Outline


  • Entrepreneurship definition
  • Women entrepreneurship barriers
  • Gender-gaps in women entrepreneurship
  • Strengthening women’s entrepreneurship
  • The European model
  • Are women generally less/better educated than men on average? Which type of education do they receive?
  • Have there been any programs that supported female entrepreneurs?
  • What gender-disaggregated data is available?
  • How can the gender-disaggregated data be used to analyze the business environment?
  • Gender-specific differences in access and control of resources and assets
  • Consult with stakeholders
  • Learn from successes and failures
  • Identify communication channels
  • Gender-specific constraints to entrepreneurship
  • Lack of finance is a major constraint to the growth of female-owned enterprises

 The Pre Start-Up Phase: Preparing for the Big Leap

  • Raising local awareness
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Holistic approach to preparing for business creation
    • Personal development and group support
    • Stimulating entrepreneurial attitudes
    • Generating and testing business ideas

The Feasibility Study

  • Personal survival budget
  • Personal aims and objectives
  • Marketing – General introduction
  • Market research: Customers & Competitors
  • Legal considerations
    • Types of Business Structures
    • Tax
    • National Insurance
  • Preparing accounts
  • Start up costs
  • Sources of finance/capital

The Business plan

  • The mission statement: aims and objectives
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • The marketing plan including the marketing mix
    • Service
    • Promotion of the business
    • Place of business, price
    • Customers
    • Competition
  • The financial plan
    • Forecasts of sales
    • Budget
    • Cash flow
    • Profitability
  • Capacity/resource planning

The During Start-Up Phase: Becoming an Entrepreneur

  • Consolidation of the business plan
  • Operational planning
  • Support for legal and administrative procedures
  • Launch of the business

After Business Start-Up: Strategies for Consolidation and Growth

  • Recognizing the need for growth
  • Tools for auditing and taking stock
  • Effective and appropriate methods of learning
  • Marketing
  • Communication Information Technology (CIT)
  • Mentoring

 Key Strategies to Strengthening Women’s Entrepreneurship

  • Access to finance
  • Networking
  • Supportive environments

TONEX Hands-On Workshop Sample

  • Participants bring in their own projects
  • Defining the mission, vision, goals
  • Developing business plan step-by-step
  • Looking into potential capital resources
  • Investigating governmental funds available to female entrepreneurs
  • Practicing finances, tax, cashflow, budget projection
  • Studying the target market
  • Identifying the competent
  • Brainstorming for advertising methods

Women Entrepreneurship Training

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