Length: 2 Days
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X-Ray Safety Training

X-Ray Safety Training is a 2-day general awareness describing nature of electromagnetic radiation (EM), X-rays and hazards, radiation protection, regulations, FDA guidelines, safety engineering principles, risk analysis, biological effects of radiation exposure, mitigation and radiation shielding. Other EM radiation, non-ionizing such as radio, infrared, visible, and ultraviolet are also discussed and compared with X-ray.

X-Ray training course is oriented to engineers, operators, project managers, testers and acquisition professionals. However, it is relevant to all trades and types of personnel working with X-Ray technology and X-Ray exposure in the workplace.

Topics Covered:

  • What’s In the X-Ray Safety
  • Ionizing versus Non-ionizing Radiation
  • Biological Effects of X-Ray Energy
  • Guidelines and Industry Standards
  • MPE – Controlled / Uncontrolled
  • X-Ray Shield
  • Methods of Demonstrating Compliance
  • Elements of a Comprehensive X-Ray Protection Program
  • Role of X-Ray Measurements
  • X-Ray Safety Engineering
  • Utilization of X-Ray source equipment
  • Applicable X-Ray and other safety standards
  • X-Ray source equipment systems engineering
  • X-Ray source equipment safety engineering
  • Manufacturers of COTS X-Ray source equipment
  • Hazards of operating and servicing the equipment
  • X-Ray hazard identification and surveillance
  • Assessing X-Ray exposure
  • Identification and Control of X-Ray Hazard Areas.
  • Implementation of controls to reduce X-Ray exposures
  • X-Ray safety and health training
  • Implementation of an appropriate medical surveillance program.
  • Assignment of responsibilities

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