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Duration: 3 days, Onsite or Live Online for Group of 5 or more.

This three-day comprehensive Weapon Systems Cybersecurity course covers everything from core weapon systems to Network Enabled Weapon (NEW) system cybersecurity.

Learn about mounting challenges in protecting weapon systems from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. This state is due to the computerized nature of weapon systems; Learn how to develop more secure weapon systems. Modern weapon systems are more software dependent and more networked than ever before.

Topics include:

Capabilities of Modern Military Enterprises

  • DoD’s weapon system modernization
  • Scale of Vulnerabilities
  • Embedded software
  • Basics of weapon systems physical
  • Fundamentals of cyber physical system design

Weapon Systems and Cyber Physical System

  • Weapon systems and cyber physical system modeling
  • Weapon systems and cyber physical system simulation
  • Weapon systems and cyber physical design and analysis
  • Computerized nature of weapon systems
  • Weapon systems vulnerabilities
  • Prioritizing weapon systems cybersecurity
  • Tools and techniques to of develop more secure weapon systems.
  • Weapon systems software dependent
  • Weapon systems and embedded system dependent
  • Weapon systems networking fundamentals

Vulnerabilities in Weapons and Weapon System of Systems (SoS)

  • Adversaries advanced cyber-espionage and cyber-attack capabilities
  • Cyber resilient weapon systems
  • Weapon systems cybersecurity test reports, policies, and guidance
  • Examples of Types of Cyber Attacks
  • Roles and Responsibilities for Cybersecurity
  • Key characteristics of adversary threat tiers, actors and surfaces
  • Risks associated with software and networking

Network Enabled Weapons (NEW)

  • Basics of TDLs
  • JTIDS / MIDS architecture
  • JTIDS / MIDS channels, frequencies and waveform
  • TDLs and Link 16/JTIDS / MIDS networks
  • Link 16 weapons management
  • Weapons coordination and management
  • Weapon system control
  • Weapon system and network management
  • J-Messages for NEW
  • VMF
  • Link 11 and 22
  • MADL


  • Key Activities in Cyber Attacks and Cyber Defense
  • Embedded Software and Information Technology Systems
  • Weapons interfaces
  • MIL-STD-1760
  • Operational Test and Evaluation (T&E)