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Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7is here and it’s garnering considerable attention from individuals, organizations and agencies.

Perhaps the most talked about new feature packed into Wi-Fi Certified 7 technology is Multi-Link Operation (MLO).

MLO can combine several frequencies across bands into a single connection. A Wi-Fi 7 router can connect to a Wi-Fi 7 device across two or more channels in different bands simultaneously. MLO potentially enables wider channels capable of transmitting more data.

MLO in Wi-Fi 7 introduces the concept that one client device can talk to one AP over multiple radios and frequency bands at the same time. What this means is that the AP and client device can send data simultaneously over two radios at the same.

These radios could be operating on either 2.4, 5, or 6 GHz band with the devices selecting which bands, or even a single frequency band, by selecting the one that works best at the time of the transmission.

This feature has three major operating MLO modes, each bringing its own benefit to Wi-Fi. Within these modes is an additional differentiation between synchronous (nstr) and asynchronous (str) multi-link operation modes that will rely heavily on the capabilities of the chipset in each device.

Previous Wi-Fi standards established a connection between two devices on a single band. Even a tri-band Wi-Fi 6E router connects two devices on a single band on a fixed channel (the router decides whether to connect on the 2.4-GHz, 5-GHz, or 6-GHz band).

With certification, Wi-Fi 7 devices are guaranteed to interoperate, and in 2024, we will see new tech products like phones, laptops, and routers endowed with the standard, which could represent huge speed and efficiency gains compared to even Wi-Fi 6E.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Introduction to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™, a 2-day course where participants learn about the intricacies of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™, built upon the pioneering IEEE 802.11be technology.

Participants will explore how Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 redefines wireless performance across the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands, ushering in a new era of innovation characterized by unparalleled throughput, minimal latency, and unmatched reliability across diverse settings, from homes to bustling enterprises and dynamic industrial landscapes.

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