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5G Wireless Training Course By TONEX

If you want to learn the key 5G wireless communication networks cellular architecture, and key technologies for 5G communication networks, consider taking our 5G Wireless Training Course.

5G Wireless Training

Our 5G Wireless Training is a three-day training course that covers the next major phase of wireless and mobile telecommunications standards. This course expands on the current 4G/IMT-Advanced Standards to introduce 5G wireless training that dives into all aspects of the most dominant technology and architecture used today.

5G is the technology of the future. After 2010, 5G technology is expected to roll out on a broad scale. Our 5G Wireless Training lets you learn the key 5G wireless communication networks architecture so that you are well versed in channels, RF circuits, antennas, propagation, and issues surrounding emerging 5G wireless LAN and cellular/ backhaul applications.

What Does Our 5G Wireless Training Course Cover?

In our 5G Wireless Training Course, you will learn how 5G networks could provide more data bandwidth and less latency by using built-in computing intelligence to handle more data more efficiently than 4G networks. The future of wireless technology will look to 5G networks to leverage more benefits of Moore’s Law, due to the convergence of communications and computing technologies and platforms.

Our 5G Wireless Training Course shows you how 5G technology will certainly be used in trends like M2M, self-driving cars, smart cities, connected society, Internet of Things (IoT), broadcast-like services, lifeline communications in times of natural disaster, and more.

After taking our 5G Wireless Training Course, you will be able to:

  • Describe what 5G is.
  • List the 5G wireless features and their benefits.
  • Describe key 5G technology drivers.
  • Describe 5G wireless communication networks cellular architecture and key technologies.
  • Outline changes required to implement 5G.

In addition to this 5G Wireless Training Course, we offer Certified In-Building Wireless Network Design Training and a Wireless Training Crash Course.


5G Wireless Training Course

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