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Agile Statement of Work (SOW) Workshop by Tonex

5S is a five-step methodology that can produce a more organized and productive workspace.

The 5Ss are:

  • Sort
  • Straighten
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain

A major benefit of 5S methodology is how it can create space within your facility by removing unnecessary tools and equipment.

Additionally, 5S reduces waste from unnecessary motion by organizing the workspace as well as reducing down time and improving quality by consistently maintaining equipment.

Also, 5S is popular for its tendency to help with an increase in transparency and increase the throughput speed of processes, as less time has to be spent on preparing the actual work.

One of the 5S pillars, shine, is the most misunderstood. Shine refers to thoroughly cleaning a work area once the clutter that has been clogging the work area has been eliminate.

Working in a clean environment enables workers to notice malfunctions in equipment such as leaks, vibrations, breakages, and misalignments. These changes, if left unattended, could lead to equipment failure and loss of production.

Organizations often establish shine targets, assignments, methods, and tools before beginning the shine pillar.

Experts in 5S contend that this process provides the foundation on which other lean methods, such as TPM, cellular manufacturing, just-in-time production, and six sigma can be introduced.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers 5S Foundations: Creating Efficiency and Value in the Workplace, a 2-day course that provides a comprehensive introduction to the 5S methodology, a systematic approach to workplace organization based on five Japanese terms that begin with “S.”

With 5S Foundations training, participants will understand the philosophy of the 5S methodology as well as be able to implement each of the 5S principles effectively.

This course can be especially useful for operational managers, team leaders, production supervisors, quality control personnel and all employees interested in workplace organization and efficiency.

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