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Managers especially need a good understanding of 6G technology because of its potential of changing today’s office environment as we know it.

A big part of this upcoming office culture conversion will emerge with the powering of the Metaverse by 6G technology.

Take virtual reality (VR). This is a game changer for the workforce of the future and those managers overseeing it all. For example, businesses will likely provide realistic VR and AR (augmented reality) training experiences with 6G technology, which will speed up information transmission across teams and improve knowledge retention.

A hint of what’s coming to an office near you is the way aerospace firm Honeywell is already using a form of cutting edge AR and VR to enhance its training programs. Honeywell provides mixed reality goggles for new workers, allowing them to “see” the job other employees are doing. VR and AR technology instruct recruits as they duplicate jobs.

Analysts predict that office meetings – the core of business culture – will be especially different in the 6G era.

It’s possible that 3D digital spaces will replace hours spent on 2D Zoom or team meetings. And, due to a large remote workforce, our real selves don’t even have to be present. Employees and managers can send their avatars, which can make real eye contact and even express body language in real time.

Need a one-on-one meeting? That will be covered as well. 6G VR meeting software could simply switch all the other people in the meeting while managers meet with individuals in a virtual quiet space to connect.

Factory managers will also benefit from 6G technology. Digital Twins could become the holding point in order to visit a particular factory or even examine the quality of specific products produced by the factory.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Fundamentals of 6G for Managers, a 1-day introduction to 6G technology. Fundamentals of 6G for Managers is not meant to make a technical specialist out of every manager, but to make every manager confident in resolving technical issues and even working with IT staff to make better decisions and to deliver better process change.

Fundamentals of 6G covers the most important aspects of 6G without getting too involved in the technical nitty gritty.

Participants will learn why 6G is receiving so much attention and how it will likely differ from 5G technology.

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