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Essential 6G For Everyone

While 6G technology is still in the research stage, it’s important for organizations to follow the progress to get a better feel of how 6G can be useful in the future.

One 6G characteristic that is pretty much a certainty is spectrum type. 6G will use a spectrum above 100 GHz and will ultimately reach THz. The advantage of employing such a high frequency is huge bandwidth.

Huge bandwidth allows Tbps peak data flow with microsecond-level latency. However, there are also limitations of a high-frequency spectrum.

Similar to the issues experienced with 5G, the THz signal attenuates considerably in the air, restricting the transmission range and making it easily blocked by obstructions.

Experts in this field contend, because the laws of physics cannot be ignored, the most crucial element for creating a device for high-frequency communication is to provide enough energy to achieve a reasonable transmission range, even as part of an antenna array.

Researchers also make it clear that choosing the right semiconductors to increase link range is critical.

CMOS can cover devices operating below 150 GHz, especially for short-range communication requirement devices. However, for longer range, using other semiconductors such as SiGe or III-V for power amplifiers may still be required.

But for frequencies above 200 GHz, a combination of CMOS for logic and III-V transistors for low-noise amplifiers and power amplifiers will be required.

Many feel that SiGe BiCMOS technology currently provides the best compromise in terms of performance, low cost, and simplicity of integration for frequencies ranging from 200 GHz to 500 GHz.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers 6G Technology Training, a 2-day course where participants will learn how the sixth generation standard for wireless communications technologies is expected to support cellular data networks.

Participants also learn how 6G technology is expected to be designed to meet the revolutionary needs of our society, integrated into the 5G network architecture and related wired and wireless communications systems.

In the Tonex 6G Technology Training course, attendees will also examine the 6G Vision, 6G Roadmap, and 6G Technologies being touted for 6G. There’s also a thorough look at 6G Applications Use Cases that will likely be part of the 6G journey.

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