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Advanced DO-178C Training Workshop

Advanced DO-178C Training Workshop covers all the features of DO-178C rules, as well as its supplementary documents including DO-330, DO-331, DO-332, and DO-333. You will gain insight on the theory, logic, and evolutionary path of DO-178C and will learn the tools and techniques needed to implement this certification in your organization.

DO-178C/ED-12C, aka “Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification”, was mutually published by the RTCA and EUROCAE. This certification was a substitute to DO-178B/ED-12B, the original document through which the avionic authorities including the FAA and the EASA verify all commercial software-oriented aerospace systems. While DO-178B/ ED-12B was in place since 1992, it became necessary to clarify some ambiguity and resolve some issues of the B version. It was also critical to include some new techniques have already been applied in the current process and quality departments in the avionic industry.

DO-178C/ED-12C is categorized into the essential document, three supplements for the technology-certain parts, and an exclusive document in regards to the tool qualification. The main figures are recognized and put into the structure of the DO-178C ‘world of thinking’. During the Advanced DO-178 training workshop, we will explain the application of such group of guidelines.

Both DO-178C and its predecessor DO-178B focus on the following matters:

  • Concentrating on software by recognizing the interfaces exclusively in regards to system and hardware aspects
  • Defining of criticality levels for software (SW level), resulting from the relevant ‘Failure Condition’
  • Defining the software life cycle procedures
and determination of quality requirements for each process, associated with the specific SW level
  • Defining the necessary documents for each level of SW, determining a general content framework
  • Concentrating on goals, SW level applicability, and necessary outputs to guarantee the quality expectations are accomplished

In Advanced DO-178 training workshop, we will go through all of the above topics to ensure all the participants have completely comprehended them and are able to apply them in their organizations.


Advanced DO-178C training workshop is a 4-day course designed for:

  • Software engineers
  • Project managers
  • Systems engineers
  • Software quality engineers
  • Test engineers
  • Quality and process assurance personnel

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of DO-178C
  • Overview of System
  • Overview of DO-178C Software
  • DO-178C Certification Concerns
  • DO-178C Software Lifecycle Process
  • DO-178C Data Lifecycle
  • Additional Deliberations
  • DO-178C Software Levels
  • Software Planning Process
  • Verification Process Development
  • Configuration Management Process (CMP)
  • DO-178C Supplements Standards
  • DO-330 Software Tool Qualification Considerations
  • DO-331 Model-Based Development & Verification Supplement
  • DO-332 Object-Oriented Technology (OOT)
  • DO-333 Formal Methods Supplement

Advanced DO-178C Training Workshop

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