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Advanced SysML Training, Hands-on Project Based Creating SysML Models

With Advanced SysML Training, attendees learn how to create SysML Models using tools and frameworks.

Many system modeling example are available to choose from throughout the course including automotive, aircrafts, UAV, UGV, helicopters, transportation systems and more. Plan and Create:

  • SysML Requirements Diagram
  • SysML Use Case Diagram
  • SysML Block Definition Diagram
  • SysML Internal Block Diagram
  • SysML Parametric Diagram
  • SysML Package Diagram
  • SysML Activity Diagram
  • SysML Sequence Diagram
  • SysML State Machine Diagram

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Course Agenda and Topics

  • Systems Engineering Overview
  • Principles of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
  • Transitioning to Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • Overview of SysML
  • Getting Started with SysML
  • SysML Language Description
  • SysML Language Architecture
  • Organizing the Model with Packages
  • Modeling Structure with Blocks
  • Modeling Constraints with Parametrics
  • Modeling Flow-Based Behavior with Activities
  • Modeling Message-Based Behavior with Interactions
  • Modeling Event-Based Behavior with State Machines
  • Modeling Functionality with Use Cases
  • Modeling Requirements and Their Relationship to Design
  • Modeling Cross-Cutting Relationships with Allocations
  • Customizing SysML for Specific Domains
  • Integrating SysML into a Systems Development Environment
  • SysML Modeling Examples
  • An Automobile Example Using the SysML Basic Feature Set
  • A Helicopter Example Using the SysML Basic Feature Set
  • An UAV Example Using the SysML Basic Feature Set

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