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Agile Statement of Work (SOW) Workshop by Tonex

Agile is an incremental and iterative project management method that keeps teams in sync with the demands of modern-day work requirements.

An agile organization is a company whose structure, policies, and capabilities have been designed to enable employees to quickly respond to changing environments. The primary focus of this organizational approach is adapting to evolving customer needs and changes in the business environment.

Agile methodology benefits are considerable for organizations who learn the basic tenets and effectively implement them. Benefits include:

  • Increased frequency of collaboration and feedback
  • Increased success because efforts are more focused
  • Improved development process
  • More rapid deployment of solutions
  • Better handle on projects
  • Minimizing resources so reducing waste

The role of leadership in an agile organization is also carried out differently. For example, take work assignments. A traditional project manager assigns and supervises the team’s work, but in an agile setting, it is the responsibility of the team members. The Agile team should be a self-organized group of skilled professionals who remain accountable for the amount of work they commit to in a sprint.

Managing stakeholder expectations also takes on a different look. With agile project management, this responsibility falls under the product owner. The product owner provides the team with leadership and direction, so they can develop the right product and deliver business value based on priority and ROI

Agile’s expanding popularity is testament to its effectiveness. In 2024, agile methodology is being usedby 71% of global organizations. And no wonder, given its 91% success rate on projects.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers nearly four dozen Agile-related courses taught by highly skilled instructors with real-world experience. Some of our popular Agile courses include:

Agile and Scum for Managers

Agile and Scrum for Everyone

Agile Development and Testing Training Course

Scrum Professional Certificate

Agile-Driven DevOps Engineering Training

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