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Understanding the fundamentals of Agile testing requires basic knowledge of various Agile testing methods.

It’s important to keep in mind that tests come first in Agile development. When you create a user story, you need to define the acceptance criteria. This drives testing and validation of the user stories.

It doesn’t matter which Agile test methodology you use — Scrum, X or Kanban.

One typical Agile testing method is known as test-driven development (TDD). Test-driven development starts with tests. This type of development begins by discussing what you want to test and then creating a user story.

So, you start by writing a unit test. Then you write the user story. Finally, you write the code until the unit test passes.

TDD is typically used on unit and component tests — which can be done with automated testing tools. TDD makes sure the features are working as they should be.

Acceptance test-driven development (ATDD) is similar. But ATDD starts with customer input on functionality. This type of development begins by discussing how the product will be used. So, you write a user acceptance test (UAT). And then you write the code until it passes the test.

ATDD is typically used for acceptance tests. It verifies that the product functions as users would expect.

Then there’s exploratory Agile testing, a style of testing that lets testers follow their intuition —rather than a predefined path. It’s typically manual. You record what you’re doing and save it as a test. And you figure out what exactly it is that you’re testing as you go.

Exploratory testing is typically used to find hidden risks within a product. These would be bugs that are missed in functional tests done in TDD.

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