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Are you interested in Antenna technology ? Read our Antenna FAQ. Learn more about Antenna Engineering. Antenna Training – Engineering, Theory, Analysis and Design

Training NameLength
DAS (Distributed Antenna System)3 Days
Phased Array Antenna Training3 Days
5G and mmWave Antenna Engineering Training3 Days
Antenna Fundamentals Training2 Days
Antenna Training – Engineering, Theory, Analysis and Design3 Days
Antenna Engineering Training Boot Camp4 Days
What is an antenna and how it is used ?

In radio designing, a receiving wire or antenna is the interface between radio waves engendering through space and electric flows moving in metal conduits. That is pretty much what an antenna (some of the time called an aeronautical) does: it’s the metal bar or dish that gets radio waves and transforms them into electrical signs taking care of into something like a radio or TV or a phone framework. Antennas like this are some of the time called collectors.

What is antenna and its application?

An antenna is mostly utilized as a metallic gadget for transmitting or accepting radio waves which is fundamentally utilized for sending. signals, communicating antenna is utilized to send data and. for accepting sign, getting antenna is utilized at beneficiary finish to.

Tell me something about Antenna Fundamentals

Antenna fundamentals cover in some detail antennas, antenna theory,  antenna characteristics, antenna specifications, antenna  applications in wireless communications and military systems and other important key topics.

What is DAS (Distributed Antenna System) ?

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a shared-infrastructure or neutral host model for expanding a wireless network footprint such as WiFi, GSM, CDMA/1x-EVDO, UMTS, LTE and 5G NR

Which professionals require “Phased Array Antenna” training?

Phased Array Antenna Training is designed for engineers, managers, operations, technicians, project planners, program managers, and other.

Do 5G and mmWave Antenna matter a lot ?

Yes. 5G and mmWave Antenna Engineering covers the theory and practice of antenna engineering, communications, radar, commercial and military applications. Learn how to system engineer, design and build 5G and mmWave antennas.