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ARP-4754A Training, Aviation Systems

ARP-4754A Training provides the information and skills associated with systems and software engineering in aircraft systems. ARP-4754A Training discusses the controlling architecture that is consistent with ARP- 4754A, and how it relates to other standards for commercial avionic systems and equipment. ARP-4754A Training includes the aspects of the systems planning, establishment, verification and validation procedures along with the specific adjectives applied in each Design Assurance Level (DAL).

ARP-4754A Training

TONEX ARP-4754A Training covers the strategies for developing aircraft systems while considering the general aircraft functioning environment and operations. ARP-4754 originally was developed for commercial applications of avionics; however, the new ARP-4754A is currently mandated for all avionic systems including the militaries in the world.  Though ARP-4754A is normally called “DO-178 for Aviation Systems”, it is indeed much different:  ARP-4754A needs precise Safety processes (ARP-4761) and data, systems-level planning, traceability, verification and validation, and strict configuration management.  That being said, ARP-4754A demonstrates some similarities to DO-178, but in fact it covers the Avionics Development Ecosystem and is a mandatory establishment – meaning that it has to be implemented prior to DO-178C.  That is because the whole systems requirements development processes are difficult and very official so they have to be confirmed before developing software and hardware start.

You will gain an in-depth knowledge of the strategies provided in the updated recommended practice for aircraft and systems development together with the fundamental notions applied in aircraft and systems development procedures for certification. We will teach you the processes of the aircraft systems development and how they related to the safety, hardware development and software development. In addition, the correlation and main interactions among the aircraft/system guidance material developed in ARP-4754A and the standard material in DO-254 for hardware and DO-178B for software will be discussed to make sure you receive everything you need about ARP-4754A.


ARP-4754A training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • Systems engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Designing and planning engineers
  • Aerospace engineers
  • Project and product managers
  • Safety/Reliability engineers
  • Certification engineers
  • Model inspection control office

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of ARP-4754A
  • Civil Aircraft Certification and the FAA
  • Approval Certificates Classification
  • Compliance Tools and the FAA Guideline
  • ARP-4754A Standards Associated with Civil Aircraft Systems Development
  • ARP-4754A Safety Protocol Planning and Safety Analysis
  • ARP-4754A Main Features
  • Incorporated Procedures
  • Aircraft / Systems Development Process
  • TONEX Group Activities Sample

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