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The AI boom is happening all over the world – and is even making headlines for helping fight the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Google used its most recent AI algorithms combined with computing power to understand the proteins that might make up the coronavirus, then published the findings to help others develop treatments.

This is especially useful information for companies like BenevolentAI that use AI systems to build drugs to help treat the planet’s toughest diseases like the coronavirus. Within weeks of the outbreak, BenevolentAI used its predictive artificial intelligence capabilities to propose existing drugs that might be beneficial.

China, where the coronavirus originated, also turned to AI technology along with facial recognition applications and temperature detection software to rapidly identify people with fevers.

The Chinese government has also developed a monitoring system called Health Code that uses big data to identify and assesses the risk of each individual based on their travel history, how much time they have spent in virus hotspots, and potential exposure to people carrying the virus.

Additionally, AI technology has been invaluable for its part in helping stressed lab technicians diagnose coronavirus much more rapidly than previously possible.

For those who follow the evolution of cutting edge technologies like AI, it certainly isn’t surprising that artificial intelligence would be involved in helping the global population fight such an insidious disease.

Artificial intelligence has made its way through all sectors of society. Every person is benefiting from this technology in one way or another. Some sectors are at the start of their AI journey, others are veteran travelers.

Regardless, the impact artificial intelligence is having on our present day lives is hard to ignore.

And the future of artificial intelligence is more fascinating than ever. 

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