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Avionics Engineering Training By TONEX

What Do Avionics Engineers Do?

If you are considering avionics engineering training, you likely want to know what kind of career you have ahead of you. Avionics engineering training can involve everything from do-178 training to do-254 training. Avionics do-178 training certification will have you dealing with safety critical software used in certain airborne systems. As an engineer, you will specialize in electronic software, hardware, testing, safety, and project management engineering. The main focus is, of course, aircraft electronics but includes a wide range of job types. With avionics training, you will be prepared for a career as a specialist responsible for electronics and wiring aboard an aircraft.

Engineering Specialties

Most avionics engineers install and troubleshoot the equipment on both wing aircraft and helicopters. You will need to determine if the software will perform reliably in an airborne environment. You will be focused on demonstrating that the software meets its requirements as opposed to satisfying specific safety properties. With do-178 training, you will know what the software level standard for airborne systems on commercial aircraft should be. Planning, development, and verification of airborne software are all part of this position.

Software and Hardware Engineers

A software/hardware engineer is someone who has received avionics training and is certified and skilled to work on a wide range of aircraft electronics. Such job can include working on navigation, radios, computers, autopilots, and often radar antenna. Soldering work is done, which means once you are trained, you need to have excellent vision and steady hands. And that is just the beginning of your work.

Testing Engineers

It’s possible, once you have received specific do-178 training or something similar, that you will get a very specific job as a testing engineer. These positions are among ten given to those who have many years of experience and a massive depth of knowledge in the field. You will need to make accurate diagnoses of difficult problems typical to commercial aircraft.


Avionics Engineering Training

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