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Business Systems Analysis Training Crash Course

Business Systems Analysis Training crash course helps you use a structured, organized approach to allow you implement your business analysis tasks effectively.

Analyzing Business Systems training crash course provides you with the method of investigating the way an organization operates, in order to enhance work procedures and improve productively and efficiency in all fields of an organization’s functions, containing documentation and information management.

Microgrid Certification Training

The procedure of business systems analysis (BSA) includes recognizing and then testing the essential components of an organization, in order to obtain information about how the organization operates and the correlation among different tasks, jobs, people, structures and other components. Business systems analysis projects can result in improved corporation presentation by enhancing the practice work is conducted in a corporation. For instance, the accessible sources can be connected more straightforward to the intentions and goals of the organization; similarly information systems can operate more efficiently if they are more closely connected with the institution’s daily activities.

Business Analyst vs. System Analyst

The expressions “business analyst” and “business system analyst” are sometimes used instead of each other to explain a similar job. But these two totally carry separate meanings, with discrete explanations and responsibilities.

Business Systems Analyst Job

Systems analysts use a corporation’s IT systems to accomplish strategic business objectives. They could design and generate new systems by constructing new hardware and software, or apply current systems in new approaches to achieve extra or various outcomes.

Usual tasks conducted by systems analysts contain:

  • Providing consultation to management and users to identify the requests of the system
  • Developing a system to fulfill the business objectives
  • Stipulating inputs and arranging outputs to satisfy users’ needs
  • Applying methods including sampling, model building and systematic analysis, together with accounting rules, to make sure the solution is effective, inexpensive, and financially doable
  • Creating requirements, charts, and diagrams for programmers to follow
  • Monitoring execution, organizing tests and observing initiation of the system to verify the implementation

Business Analyst Job

Similar to business system analysts, business analysts also demonstrate technical knowledge. Their major focus is to recognize the potential opportunities for enhancing a business’s procedures and applying technology to remove issues that impact the efficiency, output, delivery and eventually, the bottom line. So, knowing how technology can resolve the business issues is extremely crucial to a business analyst’s success. Such professionals need a high level of specified competencies in order to solve business problems via a diversity of usual job duties, including:

  • Assessing the business procedures in a corporation for inadequacies
  • Generating suggestions for solutions or enhancements that can be achieved via new technology or other uses of the current technology
  • Serving as liaison among the business stakeholders, including management, customers or end users, and the software development or information technology personnel
  • Evaluating stakeholder requests by translating business requirements into software specifications
  • Documenting and assessing necessary data and information
  • Applying modeling, testing and data models to enhance the stream of information via a corporation to improve project success

Business System Analysts Competencies

  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • The capability of concentrating on detail
  • Skills set of technology-specific


Business Systems Analysis Training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • Business analysts
  • Business owners
  • Senior and mid-level managers
  • Project managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Systems analysts

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics covered in this training:

  • Overview of Business Systems Analysis
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Managing Systems Projects
  • Modeling the Requirements
  • Modeling Tools
  • System Requirements List
  • Future Development, Expenses, and Advantages
  • Surveys
  • Fact-Finding Methods
  • Data and Process Modeling
  • Data Glossary
  • Process Explanation Methods
  • Object Modeling
  • Development Strategies
  • Data Design
  • System Architecture
  • Managing Systems Execution
  • Managing Systems Approval and Safety
  • Communication Tools
  • CASE Tools
  • Financial Analysis Tools
  • TONEX Group Activity Sample: Personal Trainer, INC
  • TONEX Workshop Sample: New Century Health Clinic


Business Systems Analysis Training Crash Course

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