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Some would argue, no business skill is more important than writing.

Unfortunately, writing tends to be underrepresented in organizations’ learning priorities, even though it’s critically important, and needs to be more than “somewhat” covered in training.

It’s been estimated that U.S. businesses lose around $400 billion a year due to poor writing. That’s because effective business writing allows companies to function efficiently. When writing is not done well, a whole slew of business problems can arise.

Effective writing benefits a company in many ways, such as driving sales. When marketing copy and proposals are written poorly, these materials can make your organization appear unprofessional and incompetent. This can create an indelible horrific first impression.

But marketing copy that is written well can help your organization generate more leads and convert additional sales. More than that, it’s a positive reflection on your company and shows that it’s both smart and capable.

 Effective writing also powers quality management. When managers write impactful, well-composed emails and work instructions, not only are employees more likely to produce the results that managers expect, but it can also improve employee relations because clear managerial communication promotes a collaborative atmosphere.

It can also bolster productivity, efficiency and innovation. This is because employees spend an inordinate amount of time at desktops, laptops and even smartphones working on (as in writing) some kind of organizational task.

Improving your team’s writing skills means they do a huge chunk of their jobs better as well as faster.

Also, clear, strong business writing allows employees to communicate effectively in documents and emails. This means readers are less likely to  need clarification or to make time-wasting misinterpretations. Efficient communication usually also ends up improving innovation when team members collaborate better and fewer delays suppress the process.

Then there’s brand reputation. Your organization and what you’re selling is for the most part experienced through the written word, which includes everything from websites to email to social media and reports. Clear, quality writing leaves a positive impression and can make a huge difference in how people view your organization.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers eight different Business Writing courses.

Additionally, Tonex offers 120 different courses in a dozen categories in Leadership training.

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