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A capacity planning process involves determining how much production capacity is required to meet changing demand for products.

Design capacity refers to an organization’s maximum capacity to accomplish work over a given time period in capacity planning.

Capacity planning process is used by organizations to determine their production capacity in order to meet the changing needs of their products. A design capacity is an organization’s maximum ability to complete a specified amount of work in a given time period, in the context of capacity planning.

Experts in this are believe there are considerable benefits to organizations with effective capacity planning.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Budgeting more intelligently
  • Staying on top of skills
  • Making improved hiring decisions
  • Helps avoid burnout and boredom

Capacity planning itself can be split into three types: workforce, product, and tool. Together they ensure that organizations have the right amount of three main resources for the short- and long-term. 

Capacity planning is particularly beneficial to organizations that practice sprint planning  — organizing and assigning all tasks to the right team members in a certain period of time. 

In many cases, sprint planning is dependent on each team member doing their part. This means that once a task is done, another team member can start their task, and so on. If one team member falls behind, it could derail the process to some degree, but this is where capacity planning comes in.

With capacity planning, sprint planning is made tighter, more efficient, and achievable. When you prepare for possibilities like missed deadlines, not having enough workers or product, or even bottlenecks in the supply chain, you’re better equipped to handle such issues should they come up. 

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