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As with concerns on Earth with 5G wireless networks, space security specialists warn that you can’t have an era of satellites generating massive amounts of data and processing it without a much greater security capability.

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Military satellites and space systems are especially vulnerable since almost all modern military engagements rely on space-based assets, providing GPS coordinates, telecommunications, monitoring and more. Aging IT systems, supply-chain vulnerabilities and other technological issues that leave military satellite communications open to disruption and tampering also need to be addressed according to space security personnel.

This is particularly crucial given reports that both China and Russia have been going all-out with their armies of state-backed hackers to dominate in the area of cyberwarfare.

Unquestionably, space has become the new frontier for cybersecurity. Challenges for the space security specialist are considerable. Thousands of companies rent bandwidth from satellite owners for selling services like satellite TV, phone and internet. There are also hundreds of millions of businesses and individuals around the world which use them. In other words, it’s a pretty large potential attack surface which is connected directly to the internet.

Then there’s the military side. The space race itself used to be a competition between the United States and the former Soviet Union. Now a dozen countries are involved in space operations. And, even though nations have agreed to ban weapons of mass destruction from space, the world’s largest powers aren’t exactly doing a great job of keeping space a peaceful environment.

Tensions have increased in recent years and will continue to do so as super powers test controversial new capabilities against the backdrop of the final frontier of space.

As basic recommendations, cybersecurity pros advise to ensure that operating systems and other software is up-to-date and patched against vulnerabilities and exploits that could be used to interfere with systems, as well as full examinations of security at every stage of the supply chain.

Another recommendation is to increase training for space security specialists especially in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and respond to threats.

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