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Industry analysts believe cloud capacity planning is a key part of an effective IT strategy.

The objective of cloud capacity planning is to specify the overall capacity level of cloud resources, so organizations can more effectively improve service performance, increase agility, and reduce cloud costs.

Cloud capacity planning is all about workloads having the required resources as well as reducing the cloud bill due to overprovisioned workloads.

Businesses generally benefit from effective cloud capacity planning in several ways, such as:

  • Performance enhancement: When performance applications are ineffective, organizations can experience  poor user experiences, and even customer churn.

IT can help avoid this by uncovering and fixing the performance bottlenecks from systems and applications as part of strategic cloud capacity planning. Additionally, it enables IT to make more informed decisions on how to achieve optimal performance in a cost effective way.

  • Increased agility and flexibility: A major benefit to cloud capacity planning isaccess to historical data and usage patterns. This enables IT to effectively plan for unforeseen spikes in demand without disrupting the business.

Cost reduction is also a factor. Strategic cloud capacity planning helps IT anticipate and plan for potential business changes that can impact cloud resource management.

When IT understands business priorities and plans, they can control, track, and adjust resource capacity, consumption, and any related budgets or quotas accordingly, which can all have an impact on your bottom line.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Cloud Capacity Planning Training, a 2-day course that covers all the aspects of Capacity Planning for the Cloud and DevOps methods.

Cloud Capacity Planning Training provides the details of capacity planning as a repeatable process for IT Cloud infrastructure, virtualized functions, data centers, 5G wireless (NFV/SDN/Network Slices) and modern networking and telecom systems.

Additionally, Cloud Capacity Planning Training course covers tactics for doing cloud performance analysis, system sizing, performance measurements, trend analysis and using DevOps methods and processes.

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