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Combat systems engineering needs combat systems engineers who can wear many hats and can be involved in an assortment of different areas of expertise – including combat itself.

These areas of expertise can range from systems engineering and material systems to strategic planning and combat simulation. But in general, combat systems engineering focuses on the application of systems engineering and system architecture to the design and construction of modern combat systems and their integration with each other, with host platforms and with other forces into network-centric warfighting systems.

A combat system must merge, fuse, and deconflict many sources of track data to produce a single usable track picture for decision-making. This includes all local sensors as well as track data from tactical data links such as Link 16 and measurement and track data from sensor networks such as the CEC.

Consequently, a combat system engineer has the secondary mission of reorganizing into infantry units and fighting as infantry. In other words, Combat engineers are also combat-arms soldiers.

When employed in the forward TF area, the engineer company often employs close-combat skills, using fire and movement to accomplish its engineer mission.

On the modern battlefield, the enemy has the capability to detect, move toward, and engage engineer forces quickly without regard to their location. Consequently, all engineers are organized, trained, and equipped to fight and destroy the enemy.

Many current user capabilities in the combat area depend on multiple systems working in concert to satisfy user needs. When these systems are brought together, the result is that existing systems are often used in new ways to address the combined user needs, which can sometimes be augmented by new systems designed to support the operation of the SoS.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Combat Systems Engineering Training Bootcamp, a 5-day course that focuses on the application of systems engineering, system of systems engineering (SoSE), ConOps, system analysis, requirements, architecture to the design and implementation of modern combat systems focusing on Network-Centric Warfighting (NCW) systems.

Additionally, Tonex offers another 45 courses in Aerospace & Defense Engineering, including:

Combat Systems Engineering Training (3 days)

Advanced Link 16 Training (3 days) 

DO-178 Training/DO-178C Training/DO-254 Training (4 days)

Applied Systems Engineering for Logisticians (3 days)

Intro to Fiber Optics and Infrared Sensors (3 days)

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