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In an Agile environment, systems engineering requires tailored methods and processes to deliver incremental capabilities, and therefore demands a disciplined approach to coordinating parallel requirements elaboration and prioritization, technical development, operations, and sustainment activities.

However, there is confusion over the term “agile.”

Agile systems-engineering and agile-systems engineering are two different concepts that share the word agile. 

In the first case the system of interest is an engineering process, and in the second case the system of interest is what is produced by an engineering process.

Agility may be found both in the process of engineering systems, as well as in the resulting systems themselves. In the first case the emphasis is on agility in systems engineering. This way of thinking about agility focuses on flexibility and speed in the upstream process of conceiving, designing and implementing products and systems.

A generic “agile” product development process can be characterized as being:

  • Nimble, dexterous and swift
  • Adaptive and response to new, sometimes unexpected, information that becomes available during product/system development
  • Opposite the traditional belief in engineering design that requirements and design solutions should be frozen as early as possible

Agile systems engineering, on the other hand, puts the emphasis on embedding agility in the systems themselves. This is usually done when the ability to predict the future demand or functional requirements of a system is severely compromised.

An agile system is both flexible and has the ability to change from one state or operating condition to another rapidly, without large switching costs or increases in system complexity.

Agile systems can be characterized as:

  • Flexible, reconfigurable, extensible
  • Scalable in the sense of capacity
  • Flexible in terms of functions and performance levels — such systems can be modified after initial deployment by addition of modules or modification of performance levels

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