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Cost of quality (COQ) is a method for calculating the costs companies incur ensuring that products meet quality standards, as well as the costs of producing goods that fail to meet quality standards.

There are generally four types of costs:

  • Appraisal costs: These consist of measurement and inspection activities during operations to determine conformance to quality requirements.
  • Internal failure costs: These are expenses incurred to remedy defects discovered before the delivery of a product or service.
  • External failure costs: These are expenses incurred to remedy defects discovered by customers after the customer receives the product or service.
  • Prevention costs: These are activities planned and designed before operations to guarantee good quality and prevent bad quality products or services.

The goal of calculating the cost of quality is to create an understanding of how quality impacts the bottom line. Cost of quality is important because it gives manufacturers an opportunity to analyze, and thus improve their quality operations.

Some of the other advantages of calculating COQ, include:

  • It helps the organization to chalk out wrong and poor-quality output.
  • It helps in problem-solving, wherein it performs cost and benefits analysis on quality and process improvement initiatives.
  • The model or cost of quality helps in a single-point evaluation of quality performance.
  • It further evaluates the costs of failures and appraises them accordingly.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Understanding and Managing the Cost of Quality (COQ) Training, a 2-day course where participants will learn how to assess both the visible and hidden costs associated with ensuring quality, and how to balance cost control with quality enhancement to achieve optimal performance.

This course is suitable for quality assurance managers, operations managers, financial analysts, process improvement professionals, and anyone interested in understanding the financial implications of quality in the manufacturing and service industries.

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