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Creativity and Innovation Training

Creativity and Innovation Training provides you with creative thinking and problem solving methods that produce new ideas and solve problems.

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Creativity is acting in novel and unexpected ways. One might ask that how could we be creative when what we do with our time is predictable and repetitive, so all we will ever generate will follow the same thing.

In order to create something novel and unexpected, you require breaking the status quo and brining some unpredictability into your life, in order to seek for the unfamiliar and let our curiosity be our lead.

  1. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Do something crazy. Scare yourself, face your fears, intentionally put yourself into circumstances you don’t understand and can’t completely control. You do that and you’ll see how fast your mind jumps to the rescue.

  1. Look for Challenge

Seek out things beyond your understanding and knowledge. Begin to think about what you really know about things you observe and how they work. Think about all the things you don’t understand and all the possible answers.

  1. Start Learning Something New

It’s not news that learning new languages makes one smarter, but this is more correct about languages such as music theory or coding, rather than Spanish and French. By learning new things, it’s meant learning new schemas and frameworks for perceiving and representing information. By learning new systems you open yourself up to new modes of thinking that can then be brought across to other areas of life.

Essential Levels of Creativity

  • Discovery: The bottom layer of creativity is discovery. Generally, inventions begin with a discovery.
  • Invention: The middle level of creativity. Although invention is one level above the discovery, it is something that is going to occur anyways, either you do it or somebody else does. If you don’t invent it, someone else finally will.
  • Creation: The most top level of creativity, which is unique to you. There are some stuff that only you, and only you, can create! The key is finding what those things are.

Major Creative Thinking Principles

  1. Separate idea generation from evaluation
  2. Test assumptions
  3. Avoid patterned thinking
  4. Create new perspectives
  5. Minimize negative thinking
  6. Take prudent risks

Create Your Personal Success By Bringing Creativity to Your Teams

The higher the level of creative and innovative in your team is, the longer the success you’ll accomplish lasts. Therefore, instead of looking for “the next big idea” in your industry, try to bring creativity and innovation to what you’re already doing. Once you do that, you will be known as your industry innovator—what your competitors will try to copy.


Creativity and Innovation Training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Directors
  • Project managers
  • Supervisors

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview
  • Difference Between Creativity & Innovation
  • Breaking Through Thought Patterns
  • Enabling Creativity
  • Methods and Techniques for Creating Ideas
  • Logical vs Lateral Thinking
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Applying the Learning
  • Reviewing the Learning and Next Steps
  • The Messy Nature of Innovation
  • Cultivation New Ideas and Solution
  • Recommended Practices Review
  • TONEX Creativity and Innovation Sample Workshop

Creativity and Innovation Training Course

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