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Cyber threat simulation is all about attacking yourself before the hacker can.

Cyber threat simulation training is a way to accurately replicate your IT setup and test how your organization responds to simulated cyber-attacks. By replicating your environment, you can effectively “war-game” against potential attacks in realistic scenarios.

Not only does this provide your IT professionals and security staff with real-life experience, but you can see how your defenses and strategy would hold up against an actual attack.

There are many software applications in the market today that allow organizations the option to choose between a wide range of incident scenarios of varying severity, which provides hands-on training that give you the edge against cybercriminals.

Proactively, cyber threat simulation can be used to identify weaknesses and reactively it can provide education and training using “what if” scenarios. Ultimately when new threats are introduced the ability of the organization to respond is significantly enhanced. 

Many cybersecurity experts believe it’s a powerful teaching tool to get top managers out of their comfort zones to feel the stress of making decisions in a cyber-attack is a powerful teaching tool.

The simulation approach, which is gaining traction in commercial and government organizations around the world, is often patterned on war games used by the Department of Defense. The aim is to confront top managers with what feels like a real situation in which they are required to make decisions relevant to their roles.

Often, simulations force top managers to identify their organization’s most important data assets for the first time, as well as consider the potential risks to those assets of cyber-attack.

Analysts believe cyber threat simulation is an excellent way to get top management involved because they are often the targets of attacks aimed at gaining entry to a network.

Tonex offers a 3-day Cyber Threat Simulation Training class that includes the perspectives of the Department of Defense (DoD) and industry cyber threat simulation and evaluates practitioners on their knowledge and skills and cover roles, responsibilities, processes, procedures, methods and tools to simulate cyber threats effectively in cyberspace. 

Tonex offers nearly four dozen different Cybersecurity Training Courses, such as:

Industrial Control System (ICS) and SCADA Cybersecurity Training: A 3-day course for helping you to support and defend your industrial control system to operate in a threat-free environment and resilient against emerging cybersecurity threats.

Threat Simulation and Modeling: A 2-day course that teaches you the various types of threat modeling techniques and helps you to apply threat modeling as an advanced preventive form of security. 

ICS Cybersecurity Training: A 4-day course designed for security professionals and control system engineers in order to provide them with advanced cybersecurity skills and knowledge in order to protect the Industrial Control System (ICS) and keep their industrial operation environment secure against cyber threats. 

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