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5G Cybersecurity for Policymakers Training Workshop

Cybersecurity incident reports are used to describe the process by which an organization handles a data breach or cyber-attack.

This includes the way an organization attempts to manage the consequences of the cybersecurity incident.

The objective of incident reports is for an organization to effectively manage the incident so that the damage is limited in both recovery time and costs. Additionally, a cybersecurity incident response should focus on keeping collateral damage such as brand reputation to a minimum.

Cybersecurity professionals contend the most important part of an incident response is having a clear incident response plan available when needed.

Proper preparation and planning are the key to effective incident response. Without a clear-cut plan and course of action, it’s often too late to coordinate effective response efforts and a communication plan after a breach or attack has occurred when future attacks or security events hit.

Taking the time to create a comprehensive incident response plan can save your company substantial time and money by enabling you to regain control over your systems and data promptly when an inevitable breach occurs.

Elements of a cybersecurity incident response plan should:

  • Define what constitutes an incident for the company
  • Provide a clear, guided process to be followed when an incident occurs
  • Specify the teams, employees, or leaders responsible for both managing the overall incident response initiative and those tasked with taking each action specified in the incident response plan.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Incident Response and Cybersecurity Incident Handling Training, a 2-day course where participants learn the fundamentals of incident response and its role in cybersecurity.

Participants also learn to identify and categorize various types of cybersecurity incidents as well as learn to implement a systematic incident response plan tailored to their organization’s needs.

This training is ideal for:

  • Cybersecurity professionals
  • IT managers and administrators
  • Network security engineers
  • Information security analysts
  • Incident responders and handlers
  • Risk and compliance officers

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