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Decision Making Training for Project and Program Managers

Decision Making Training for project and program managers covers the concepts and theories behind the process of decision-making along with the procedure, techniques, methods, and guidelines of management decision-making. In addition, you will learn about the tips of affecting the others’ decision-making and to avoid the pitfalls of common mistakes during the decision making. This training will allow you to create and set up long-term standards according to the efficient decisions that will guide you to a competitive benefit for your organization.

Managerial Decision Making Process

  • Setting up the goals
  • Defining the problem statement
  • Collecting relevant information
  • Determining potential solutions
  • Analyzing various action plans
  • Executing the taken decision
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the decision

Decision-Making Models

There are tow different types of decision-making models:

  • Rational models
    • Defining the problem
    • Determining the crucial requirements for the process and the outcomes
    • Taking all the alternative solutions into considerations
    • Evaluating the significances of all the solutions and comparing the possibilities of meeting the criteria
    • Choosing the best option
  • Normative model
    • Limited data processing – A person can only handle a limited quantity of information
    • Critical heuristics – A person could apply shortcuts to facilitate the decision making process
    • Satisfying – A person can select a solution that is simply “good enough”.
  • Static models
    • Demonstrate the significance of different qualities in a stable system
    • Operate best in steady systems
    • Not consider the time-based alterations
    • Not operate well in real-time systems but, it could function in a dynamic system in equilibrium
    • Require less data
    • Easy to evaluate
    • Generate faster results
  • Dynamic models
    • Reflect the change in data values over time
    • Reflect the effect of system behavior over time
    • Re-measure equations as time varies
    • Can be used only in dynamic systems


Decision Making Training for project and program managers is a 3-day course designed for:

  • Project managers
  • Program managers
  • Team leaders
  • Analysts
  • All the professionals involved in making high quality decisions

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of Managerial Decision Making
  • The Decision Making Structure
  • How to Shape the Decision Framework
  • Evaluation Matrices
  • Being Cautious about Decision Traps
  • Decision Categories
  • Strategic Decision Making Development
  • Risk and Probabilities
  • Communication Role in Decision Making
  • Decision Making as A Team
  • Role of Creativity in Managerial Decision Making
  • Establishing a Successful Procedure for Strategic Decision Making
  • Case Study: Strategic Decision About Downsizing In Southwest Airlines

Decision Making Training for Project and Program Managers

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