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The idea behind DevSecOps (development, security and operations) is to automatically include security measures at every phase of the software development lifecycle.

Analysts believe that DevSecOps represents a natural and necessary evolution in the way development organizations approach security. This is in stark contrast to past approaches where security was “tacked on” to software at the end of the development cycle almost as an afterthought by a separate security team and was tested by a separate quality assurance (QA) team.

A primary benefit of the DevSecOps approach is the rapid, cost-effective software delivery. When software is developed in a non-DevSecOps environment, security problems can lead to huge time delays. Fixing the code and security issues can be time-consuming and expensive.

The rapid, secure delivery of DevSecOps saves time and reduces costs by minimizing the need to repeat a process to address security issues after the fact. This becomes more efficient and cost-effective since integrated security cuts out duplicative reviews and unnecessary rebuilds, resulting in more secure code.

Another key benefit of DevSecOps is how quickly it manages newly identified security vulnerabilities.

As DevSecOps integrates vulnerability scanning and patching into the release cycle, the ability to identify and patch common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) is diminished. This limits the window a threat actor has to take advantage of vulnerabilities in public-facing production systems.

DevSecOps is also a repeatable and adaptive process.

As organizations mature, their security postures mature. DevSecOps lends itself to repeatable and adaptive processes. This ensures security is applied consistently across the environment, as the environment changes and adapts to new requirements.

A mature implementation of DevSecOps will have a solid automation, configuration management, orchestration, containers, immutable infrastructure, and even serverless compute environments.

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