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DevSecOps (development, security and operations) is the seamless integration of security testing and protection throughout the software development and deployment lifecycle.

Similar to DevOps, the goals of DevSecOps are to release better software faster, and to detect and respond to software flaws in production faster and with more efficiency.

DevSecOps is important because although security does slow down software releases, it remains essential as the benefits far outweigh the risk of a security breach.

Not only does implementing DevSecOps reduce risk but it also saves rework and time by introducing security early in the development process. This is done by using security tools that can be automated and integrated early on especially during the code commit and the pre-implementation stage.

End result is that security tools ensure the benefits of DevOps such as rapid application and feature release are still carried out without compromising on security.

Additionally, DevSecOps tries to create new solutions for the software development process within an agile framework.

DevSecOps unites seemingly conflicting goals, that of security together with fast delivery. This is done in iterations without slowing down cycles. This means security issues are identified as they are encountered and not only after a threat has occurred.

With DevSecOps in use, enterprises can use the right tools and support to maintain the speed of their product releases, lower risk, reduce rework and other fixes. DevSecOps aims to integrate security measures with DevOps without slowing down the development cycle.

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