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DevSecOps (Development, Security and Operations) is a way of approaching IT security with an everyone is responsible for security mindset.

DevSecOps involves injecting security practices into an organization’s DevOps pipeline. The goal is to incorporate security into all stages of the software development workflow. In other words, DevSecOps means you’re not saving security for the final stages of the SDLC.

For managers, the DevSecOps approach is especially beneficial because the more efficiently people, policies, security aspects and actionable output can be integrated, the greater the benefits gained for an organization. Ultimately, the result is about deploying more secure applications into production, delivering fewer vulnerabilities for potential compromise, and the ability to quickly fix security issues before they can be compromised.

The key is implementation, which can be learned through DevSecOps training. For instance, you learn that the first step to a successful DevSecOps implementation for your organization is to assess how you use time, techniques and tools in your DevOps processes and how you can shift your approach to each.

By shifting time, managers soon realize that organizations are able to do new and different things better and earlier in the software development lifecycle. This includes:

  • Finding vulnerable third-party software before release and production
  • Fixing vulnerable third-party software before release and production

Shift techniques by automatically failing software check-ins or deploy scripts if your application contains vulnerable components. This will ensure that vulnerable applications don’t make it into production in the first place.

Managers should also shift tools such that the same tools you use to find vulnerable applications in production can be utilized in the development and test cycles of the DevOps processes. This way your organization gets the benefit of the same tools and same knowledge in how to use them without incurring additional cost by procuring point-solutions that only work in one step of the DevOps process.

Looking at the big picture: DevSecOps delivers reduced cost, reduced development churn and reduced application attack surface, which delivers higher security and higher confidence to the organization.

Want to learn more about DevSecOps? Tonex offers DevSecOps Training for Managers, a 1-day introduction to DevSecOps where participants learn and apply the impact on  IT security in modern DevOps as part of the IT Modernization to ensure rapid and frequent development cycles.

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