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Diameter Protocol Training Course – A 3-day Diameter Technical Training Course focusing on 3GPP Applications

Diameter Protocol Training Course covers the details of the Diameter base protocol as it is currently used to provide Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) framework for applications such as Policy and Charging in LTE and IMS. Learn about Diameter applications and Diameter Base Protocol features such as architecture, functional elements, nodes, message format, transport, error reporting, accounting and security services to be used by all Diameter applications.

Example of Topics Covered

  • Diameter stack
  • Diameter interfaces
  • Diameter RFC 3588
  • Diameter in LTE
  • LTE Diameter protocols
  • Diameter in IMS
  • 3gpp Diameter protocol
  • 3gpp Diameter interfaces
  • Diameter agent
    Diameter server
  • Diameter accounting
  • Diameter credit control application
  • Diameter router
  • Diameter routing agent
  • Diameter routing agent 3gpp
  • DRA diameter
  • Diameter DRA
  • DRA Diameter routing agent
  • Diameter routing agent DRA
  • Diameter router agent
  • Diameter protocol interfaces
  • Diameter applications
  • Diameter Rf interface
  • Diameter Gy
  • Rx interface diameter
  • Diameter protocol in LTE
  • Diameter Ro
  • Diameter Rx interface
  • Diameter base RFC
  • Diameter Ro interface
  • Diameter security
  • Diameter S6a
  • Diameter Cx interface
  • Diameter Sy interface
  • Diameter charging
  • Gx diameter
  • Diameter CCA
  • Diameter capabilities exchange
  • Diameter authentication
  • Open source Diameter
  • Diameter Sd interface
  • OCS diameter

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the attendees will be able to:

  • Explain the motivation for Diameter protocol
  • Describe Diameter Base Protocol features
  • Describe features of Diameter Application Protocols
  • Describe Diameter architecture and functional blocks
  • List the key nodes and interfaces for Diameter
  • Describe Diameter and its role in the context of LTE/EPC, IMS and VoLTE
  • Recognize how Diameter interacts with other protocols
  • Explain the Diameter protocol and operations for authentication,  policy and charging in 3GPP
  • Describe key 3GPP Diameter interfaces including registration, authentication, policy and charging (both online and offline)

Course Topics

What is Diameter Protocol?

  • Similarities and Differences between RADIUS and Diameter Protocols
  • Foundation of Diameter Protocol
  • Diameter Base Protocol
  • Diameter Header
  • Command Codes
  • Command Code
  • ABNF specification
  • Diameter Command Naming Conventions
  • Diameter AVPs
  • AVP Header
  • Basic AVP Data Formats
  • Diameter Base Protocol AVPs

Diameter Applications

  • Application Identifiers
  • Diameter Architecture
  • Diameter Agents
  • Relay Agents
  • Proxy Agents
  • Redirect Agents
  • Translation Agents
  • End-to-End Security Framework

Diameter Peers

  • Diameter Connections vs Sessions
  • Diameter Peer Table
  • Realm-Based Routing Table
  • Peer Connections
  • Diameter Peer Discovery
  • Capabilities Exchange
  • Disconnecting Peer Connections
  • Transport Failure Detection
  • Peer State Machine

Diameter Message Processing

  • Diameter Request Routing Overview
  • Diameter Answer Processing
  • Origin-Host AVP
  • Origin-Realm AVP
  • Destination-Host AVP
  • Destination-Realm AVP
  • Routing AVPs
  • Auth-Application-Id AVP
  • Acct-Application-Id AVP
  • Inband-Security-Id AVP
  • Vendor-Specific-Application-Id AVP
  • Redirect-Host AVP
  • Redirect-Host-Usage AVP
  • Redirect-Max-Cache-Time AVP

Error Handling in Diameter

  • Result-Code AVP
  • Error-Message AVP
  • Error-Reporting-Host AVP
  • Failed-AVP AVP
  • Experimental-Result AVP
  • Experimental-Result-Code AVP

Diameter User Sessions

  • Authorization Session State Machine
  • Accounting Session State Machine
  • Server-Initiated Re-Auth
  • Session Termination
  • Session-Termination-Request

Basic Accounting  in Diameter

  • Accounting Functions
  • Accounting Command-Codes
  • Accounting AVPs

Diameter Protocol Related Configurable Parameters

  • Security Considerations in Diameter Protocol
  • IPsec Usage
  • TLS Usage
  • Peer-to-Peer Considerations

Charging management in 3GPP

  • Diameter charging applications
  • Policy and charging control over Gx reference point
  • The online charging reference point Gy
  • OCS and PCEF
  • The offline charging reference point Gz
  • PCEF and the CGF
  • Gx Subscriber Properties and AVPs
  • Charging related transfer requirements
  • 3GPP charging applications requirements
  • Offline Charging Scenarios
  • Event based charging
  • Session based charging
  • Online Charging scenarios
  • Charging Scenarios
  • Immediate Event Charging
  • Event Charging with Reservation
  • Session charging with Reservation
  • Message Contents for Offline Charging
  • Basic Principles for Diameter Online charging
  • Message formats for Online Charging
  • Other procedural description of the 3GPP charging applications
  • Diameter AVPs
  • 3GPP specific AVPs




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