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A business continuity plan is created to help ensure that business processes will be able to continue in the case of an emergency or disaster. A disaster recovery plan should already be developed before any sort of disaster to ensure how it will be resolved. It should be a documented process or set of procedures for recovery.

Both plans are essential to organizations because some risks can’t be eliminated. Organizations implement disaster recovery and business continuity plans to prepare for any potential disruptive event and it is considered an essential part of any risk mitigation plan, both processes are equally important because they provide detailed strategies on how the business will continue after severe interruptions and disasters.

Business continuity planning should cover every possible aspect of a business. This includes areas such as:

  • Business partners and suppliers — How can suppliers continue their work with the company if lines of communication or road transport is unavailable?
  • Human resourcesHow can critical staff continue performing their work if, for example, workstations are destroyed or there is no internet connection?
  • Business processes — How can a process continue working even if critical equipment or supplies were missing?

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Workshop for Managers, a 1-day course where participants learn to recognize the events that might compromise their business, assess the threats facing their company and identify steps to eliminate or minimize the impact of those threats.

Participants also learn to develop procedures that enable them to respond when a disaster occurs or is forecast to occur, as well as identify their company’s critical business functions and define procedures that will facilitate restoration of sales, production and operations to pre-disaster levels.

Additionally, Tonex offers several more courses in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity including:

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Workshop (2 days)

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Training (2 days)

Disaster Recovery Workshop for IT Professionals (2 days)

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