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DO-178 and DO-254 Avionic Training Bootcamp by TONEX is a four day course that covers the software and hardware aspects of avionic certification. You will learn the fundamental concepts, principals, tools, and methods associated with these two standards. You also will understand the differences and similarities of DO-178 and DO-254. In this bootcamp, we will discuss the background of these certifications, how they have evolved over the past years, and what would be the current application of them.

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As early as 1980 there were considerations in aerospace on how to develop software safely and as accurately as possible. These considerations led to the development of the DO-178C standard that is widely respected far beyond software.

The standard defines the software planning, development, verification, quality assurance- and configuration management process.

Document 254 (DO-254) on the other hand, is about hardware rather than software and focuses on how designers of avionics hardware components must comply with certain safety specifications.

DO-178 and DO-254 Training Bootcamp is mostly a hands-on course. More than 70 percent of the class will be spent on practical exercises including labs, group class activities and hands-on workshops. We have tried to encompass all the required material associated with DO-178/DO-254 when we designed the course, but we are also flexible to tailor the course agenda based on the needs of your organization.

Who Will Benefit

  • Software Engineers
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Quality and Process Assurance engineers and managers
  • Project managers
  • Process engineers
  • All individuals involved in DO-178 and DO-245 projects

Learning Objectives

There’s a 13-point objective, including:

  • Understand both DO-178 and DO-254 components and they work
  • Recognize the differences and similarities between these two
  • Recognize the exact application of each DO-178 and DO-254 to various elements inside the system
  • Understand the actual intent of DO-178 industrial effective strategies
  • Explain the history behind the DO-254 and DO-178C standards
  • Comprehend the DO-178/254 evolution path resulting in the present’s interpretation.
  • Identify what exactly is required to initiate a project in regards to safety, tools, quality assurance and configuration management.

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