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DO-178 Training Update

DO-178 Training Update. TONEX is a global provider of DO-178C training, certification, consulting  and compliance.

The updated four-day DO-178C training includes practical concepts covering DO-178C framework, implementation and execution and strategies for testing and verification for avionics software development necessary to obtain FAA certification.

For detailed outline, CLICK HERE.

Learn about:

  • New standards and recommended practices of DO-178C, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification
  • Exporting the requirements and applicability of DO-178C
  • Key techniques of software development considerations in airborne systems and equipment certification
  • Software Tool Qualification Considerations
  • Formal Methods Supplement To DO-178C, Model-Based Development and Verification Supplement To DO-178C
  • Object Oriented Technology and other Techniques Supplement To DO-178C.
  • DO-178C Planning
  • Applying Optimized DO-178C Compliance Practices
  • ARP-4754A & ARP-4761 challenges and relationship to DO-178C
  • and more…


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