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DO-178C is the primary document by which the certification authorities such as FAA, EASA and Transport Canada approve all commercial software-based aerospace systems.

The overall DO-178C guidance consists of six key areas:

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Verification
  • Configuration management
  • Quality assurance
  • Certification liaison

The number of objectives to be satisfied is determined by the software level A-E:

  • Level A:  This is a catastrophic failure condition with 71 objectives.
  • Level B:  This is a hazardous failure condition with 69 objectives.
  • Level C:  This is a major failure condition with 62 objectives.
  • Level D: This is a minor failure condition with 26 objectives.
  • Level E: This is a no safety effect condition with 0 objectives.

Traceability is an important factor in the DO-178C standard. DO-178C requires a documented connection (called a trace) between the certification artifacts. For example, a Low Level Requirement (LLR) traces up to a High Level Requirement (HLR).

A traceability analysis is then used to ensure that each requirement is fulfilled by the source code, that each requirement is tested, that each line of source code has a purpose (is connected to a requirement), and so forth. Traceability ensures the system is complete.

The rigor and detail of the certification artifacts is related to the software level.

The FAA approved AC 20-115C on 19 Jul 2013, making DO-178C a recognized acceptable means, but not the only means, for showing compliance with the applicable airworthiness regulations for the software aspects of airborne systems and equipment certification.

In general DO-178C keeps most of the text of its predecessor DO-178B. However, there are several difference between DO-178C and DO-178B such as the addition of the statement that The Executable Object Code satisfies the software requirements and provides confidence in the absence of unintended functionality.

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Upon attending DO-178C  Training, participants are able to understand the compliance aspects of the DO-178C and comprehend the objectives of DO-178C as the primary means for meeting airworthiness requirements to obtain approval of software used in civil aviation products.

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