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DO-178C Training Workshop by TONEX is a three day course that covers all aspects of Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification. This is the primary standard for commercial avionics software development supported by FAA and EASA, ED-12C. The DO-178C training and workshop provide insight to this recommendation for the production of airborne systems and equipment software.

For Detailed Course Agenda, CLICK HERE.

As early as 1980 there were considerations in aerospace how to develop software safely and as accurately as possible. These considerations have led to the development of the DO-178C standard that is widely respected far beyond software.

The standard defines the software planning, development, verification, quality assurance- and configuration management process.

Depending on the safety level in which the software has been classified, various development methods are allowed or mandated and different documentation and review duties arise.

Special attention is paid to the planning process. The following quote from the standard clarifies this: “Effective planning is a determining factor in producing software that satisfies the guidance of this document.”

This three-day TONEX DO-178C training will introduce industry best practices for real-world commercial avionics software development and how to avoid common DO-178C mistakes. DO-178C training courses helps you to minimize any risks and costs related to DO-178C.

The highly qualified instructors will discuss many other related topics such as SAE standards ARP-4761 for Safety and ARP-4754A for Systems Development, safety, systems, systems engineering, software planning, software requirements analysis, and software design, coding, testing including verification, validation and risk-based testing.

Learning Objectives

There’s an 12-point objective, including:

  • Understand basics concepts behind DO-178C
  • List software requirements, design, code, and testing for avionics
  • Mitigate common DO-178C risks and mistakes
  • Apply industry-best practices
  • List objectives of DO-330 Software Tool Qualification Considerations
  • List objectives of DO-331 Model-Based Development and Verification Supplement to DO-178C and DO-278

Who Should Attend

DO-178C training is designed for Avionics Project and Program Managers, Software Engineers, Testing Professional who need to understand the requirements, objectives and practices of using DO-178C in software development.



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