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DO-200A Training | Processing Aeronautical Data

DO-200A Training, processing aeronautical data teaches you the rules, techniques, and requirements for avionics databases.  You will become familiar with the environment evolution of DO-200A avionics data, from the conceptual design stage all the way to the end-user. For more detail click HERE.

DO-200A training prepares you to analyze the aeronautical data, the data used to navigate, plan flight, deliver terrain information, simulate flights, and etc. You also will learn to derive, alter, and provide aeronautical data criteria.

Why Choose TONEX?

  • Our training course allows you to experience what you learn with real-world case studies
  • Our instructors have extensive experience in both industry and academia
  • Our practical exercises include labs, group activities, and hands-on workshops

Added Value of DO-200A Training

  • The major principals of DO-200A’s
  • The objectives of DO-200A for Data Chain Integrity
  • DO-200A database
  • Data definition
  • Data “Supplier” vs “User”
  • DO-200A’s Planning Process
  • DO-200A’s Verification Process
  • DO-200A’s Quality Assurance
  • DO-200A’s Configuration Management
  • DO-200A’s Data Quality Requirements
  • DO-200A’s processing cost and schedule
  • DO-200A common mistakes
  • DO-200A best practices


DO-200A training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Engineers
  • Managers
  • Quality assurance
  • Certification personnel

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of DO-200A
  • DO-200A Features
  • Tiers of AIM Stakeholders
  • Aeronautical Data Supply Chain
  • Aeronautical Data Flow
  • Aeronautical Data Management
  • AIS-AIM Roadmap
  • Data Quality Characteristics

DO-200A Training | Processing Aeronautical Data

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