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DO-278A Training, Aviation Ground Systems CNS/ATM

DO-278A training gives you the required information, notions, rules, background, guidelines, and methods associated with DO-278A. By taking DO-278A, you can learn about DO-278A, Software Integrity Assurance Considerations for Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) Systems.

RTCA DO-278 guideline, also known EUROCAE ED-109, is the ground aspect of the DO-178B airborne standard. RTCA DO-278 delivers the strategies for the assurance of software included in non-airborne CNS/ATM systems. DO-178B/ED-12, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, describes a series of goals that are projected to implement assurance that airborne software has been evaluated, and in some examples, altered for usage in non-airborne CNS/ATM systems. DO-278 is considered as an explanatory lead for the usage of DO-178B standard to non-airborne CNS/ATM systems. Therefore, one can say these two standards are consistent.

Ground processing systems mainly use commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software and hardware for securing the flight crucial data. Therefore, the COTS ground processing systems should be reliable and safe to provide the reliability of the data. This needs different techniques, containing data protection, integrity and, access security. We will teach you the application of hazard evaluation and weakness assessment as a tool for creating a successful risk reduction plan.

DO-278 delivers the strategies for the generation of software for ground-oriented avionics systems and tools that conduct their planned operation with safety. Such strategies are in the form of:

  • Software life cycle objectives
  • The actions and design processes to accomplish these objectives
  • Presenting the criteria that demonstrate that the objectives are fulfilled

Added Value of DO-278 Training

  • PSAA, Plan for Software Aspects of Approval
  • SQAP, Software Quality Assurance Plan
  • SCMP, Software Configuration Management Plan
  • CCP, Configuration Control Procedures
  • Software design development and document
  • Software requirements development and document
  • Software development plan
  • SVP, Software Verification Plan
  • Source, executable object code, SCI and SECI
  • Traceability
  • Test cases and procedures
  • Verification outcomes
  • Quality assurance process
  • CMP, Configuration Management Plan


DO-278A training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • Software engineers
  • Software testers
  • Managers
  • Quality assurance or certification personnel
  • All individuals interested in learning about DO-278A

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of DO-278A
  • DO-278A Key Features
  • DO-278A Planning Process
  • DO-278A Main Differences with DO-178
  • Software Verification Process
  • Software Considerations
  • DO-278A Assurance Levels and Their Corresponding DO-178B / ED-12 Safety Levels
  • DO-278A Requirements Documentation
  • Security Tools
  • DO-278A Supplements
  • TONEX Case Study Sample: Flight-Crucial Data Reliability Assurance For Ground-Based COTS Elements

DO-278A Training, Aviation Ground Systems CNS/ATM

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