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DoDAF (Department of Defense Architecture Framework) is designed to enable you to describe the structure of, and the relationships between, the components of an operational environment.

To do this, DoDAF defines elements such as nodes, needlines, services and information exchanges. It then provides rules that you use to model an operational environment to demonstrate how nodes cooperate and interact with each other to meet a mission objective.

The objective of DoDAF is to concretely define models and concepts that are usable in the DoD’s core processes:

  • Joint Capabilities and Integration Development (JCIDS)
  • Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE)
  • Defense Acquisition System (DAS)
  • Systems Engineering (SE)
  • Operational Planning (OPLAN)
  • Capability Portfolio Management (CPM)

The DoDAF architecture framework is especially suited for large systems with complex integration and interoperability challenges. Artifacts or “views” within DoDAF can illustrate the 30,000 foot detail or deep more complex views as needed for a particular stakeholder.

DoDAF helps project teams visualize and communicate upward to leadership and downward to operators so that each stakeholder has the information to navigate the system.

All major U.S. DoD weapons and information technology system acquisitions are required to develop and document an enterprise architecture (EA) using the prescribed DoDAF viewpoints. All DoD projects are required to provide EA documentation aimed at two goals: conformance and reuse of information and artifacts.

While it is clearly aimed at military organizations and systems, DoDAF models have broad applicability across the private, public and voluntary sectors around the world. In addition, DoDAF architecture can easily be integrated with other architecture frameworks.

DoDAF is used as the base Framework and Methodology in this highly sought-after certification, based on practice (not just test prep) in real-life Enterprise Architecture.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Introduction to DoDAF Training, a 3-day course that  provides comprehensive information about the concepts, background, principals, and techniques of DoDAF. Introduction to DoDAF training will discuss the viewpoints, models, and DM2. 

Introduction to DoDAF training course teaches you about architecting processes, methods, and thought patterns at a practical level. This hands-on training also will provide you an overview of the models of DoDAF 2.

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