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Good proposal writing is much more than a means to an end – there are many hidden benefits to proposal writing that are often overlooked. 

For one thing, effective proposal writing makes for better project planning. Putting together a proposal forces you to think from an outsider’s perspective and explain the project holistically.

The proposal writing process may be slow, but it tries to ensure every stage of the project is planned out, every potential variable planned for. This drastically improves the quality of projects.

Excellent proposal writing also helps build consensus. Even if your entire team is united under one goal, there are often many different opinions as to how to achieve it.

Even simple projects are composed of many moving parts, so it is necessary to write down all the details to make sure your team is on the same page. Misunderstandings can appear easily with only vague plans scattered in separate plans or email threads.

Writing a proposal ensures that all project details are written clearly in one place, making it easy to discuss with your team.

Analysts insist that proposal writing also helps with marketing. Every proposal that is sent can actually be both an application and an advertisement. Including some simple marketing techniques in your proposals can improve your recognition and long-term prospects.

Even if your proposal is not selected for funding, a well-written proposal may catch the donor’s eye. This can open the door to further engagement and potentially future funding. Conversely, a poorly-written proposal may appear like spam ads to donors.

A proposal should also double as a pre-contract. In other words, put everything down in writing. A well-written proposal provides the foundational information needed for better communication between donor and NGO.

In some cases, a good proposal can be essential in the rare case of a legal challenge.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Proposal Writing Training Course, a 2-day course designed to teach you how to write a winning proposal. Winning proposals are persuasive and interesting but easy to read. They demonstrate clear objectives, specific time frames, reasonable budget requests and doable deliverables.

Through the Proposal Writing Training course, Tonex offers your organization access to our experienced proposal engineers who will teach your staff the key proposal writing techniques needed to develop a fully-compliant and winning proposal.

The Proposal Writing Training course will help you understand the concerns of potential funders and try to address their concerns in your proposals.

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