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Electric and Smart Grid Cybersecurity Master Certification Training

Course details: Electric and Smart Grid Cybersecurity Master Certification Training
Securing the Smart Grid Cyber Ecosystem: Play a key role in securing smart grid cyber networks and helping to secure the broader electric cyber ecosystem.

Combating smart grid cyber threats needs maintaining a team of skilled cybersecurity professionals to effectively respond to cyber incidents. Smart Grid cybersecurity provides skills and technical assistance to protect your critical infrastructure.
Learn about:

  • The basics of electrical and smart grid technologies
  • Smart grid engineering Security  in all phases of the system development life cycle, from design phase through implementation, validation and verification, operation, maintenance, and disposition
  • Impact of cybersecurity events no loss of critical function and data
  • Security on Information and communications technology that enable the expanding field of smart grids
  • Smart Grid Cybersecurity cases  including deliberate attacks by employees, partners, contractors, agents of industrial espionage, terrorists, and other adversaries
  • Other Cybersecurity use cases including inadvertent compromises of the information infrastructure, infrastructure failures, and natural disasters
  • Optimizing smart grids so they are more secure, cost effective and efficient
  • Increasing grid reliability and security
  • Measuring performance and security through KPIs and data analytics



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