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NATO defines Electronic Warfare (EW) as a military action that exploits electromagnetic energy, both actively and passively, to provide situational awareness and create offensive and defensive effects.

Electronic Warfare is any action involving the use of the Electro-Magnetic (EM) spectrum or directing energy to control or attack an enemy or impede enemy use of EM spectrum.

The estimated growth of the global electronic warfare market shows an increase of $23.13 billion in 2016 to $30.32 billion by 2022. Other sources indicate that the electronic warfare market will be in excess of $17.5 billion by 2027.

North America is forecast to dominate the EW market, followed by the Asia Pacific Region and Europe.

Current trends in the global electronic warfare market include the development of next generation electronic jammers and the growing demand for intelligence gathering. New concepts and technologies pertaining to cyber and electronic warfare are also being developed.

The point being, electronic warfare has become an increasingly vital modality against adversaries. Some analysists would say the need to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum never has been higher for the U.S. military since the end of the Cold War. By using electronic warfare (EW), branches under the Department of Defense umbrella can go on the attack and protect American warfighters and military resources.

Recently, the DOD unveiled its Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy, which outlines how the U.S. military aims to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum when it is challenged by peer and near-peer adversaries.

The EMS Superiority Strategy includes five goals:

  • Develop superior EMS capabilities
  • Evolve to an agile integrated EMS infrastructure
  • Pursue total force EMS readiness
  • Secure enduring partnerships for EMS advantage; and establish effective EMS governance

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