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Electronic warfare (EW) provides the vitally important function of protecting our access and use of the spectrum while simultaneously denying and degrading an adversary’s use and access.

Modern military capabilities rely increasingly on the electromagnetic spectrum. Warfighters depend on the spectrum to communicate with each other and their commanders, to understand the environment and inform decisions, to accurately identify and engage targets, and to protect them from harm.

On the modern battlefield, the Department of Defense understands there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. Above and beyond the missions we can see and hear – on the ground, in the air and at sea – a hidden battle pulses and surges, and along with it, the prospects of victory or defeat.

Electronic warfare is employed in three ways: offensive, defensive and supportive measures.

In other words, the spectrum is used to attack the enemy, to protect friendly forces and to provide critical situational awareness that aids warfighter decision-making and increases the likelihood of mission success.

Military experts believe that global technologies and developments in EW are leveling the playing field. The proliferation and affordability of commercial electronics and computing power means that EW is no longer the exclusive province of wealthy nations. EW helps sort through this complexity, making sure our systems are able to communicate, identify and combat enemy radar.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Electronic Warfare Training Crash Course, a 4-day course designed for analysts, engineers, electrical engineers, project managers, electronic warfare technical professionals who design or operate radar systems and electronic warfare systems; and anyone involved in planning, design, analysis, simulation, requirements definition, performance specification, procurement, test, security and evaluation of electronic attack equipment.

Electronic Warfare Training Crash Course describes military action involving the use of electromagnetic (EM) and directed energy (DE) to control the EMS or to attack the enemy. 

Tonex offers several courses in Electronic Warfare, including:

Electronic Warfare Short Course (3 days)

Electronic Warfare Threat Modeling and Simulation Training (4 days)

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