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Engineering Creativity Workshop

Engineering creativity workshop helps you understand the impact of the encouraging and inhibitive factors on creativity in people, teams, and organizations, in the field of engineering. We will focus on various variables related to creativity, including framing problems, challenging assumptions, and creative teams.

Creativity in engineering is emerging in importance to corporates, as the fast-changing global economy requires innovation from engineers. Since our academic curricula of engineering programs have not caught up with such demand, it is essential for the organizations to provide necessary training to their engineers if they want to be and remain ahead of their competitors. Engineering creativity workshop delivers the knowledge and skills you need in association with creative problem solving.

Basic Problem Solving Process

  • Define the problem
  • Identify the Solved State
  • Construct and Design Consensus and Support
  • Troubleshoot the Problem
  • Design a Solution
  • Recognize the Means of Change
  • Establish a Course of Action
  • Reconcile Restraints and Constraints
  • Set up Plans and Schedules
  • Take Action
  • Evaluate Its Effects and Consequences
  • Modify Future Actions

Why Do You Need Creative Problem-Solving Training?

Many valuable inventions and new design ideas come from the creative thinking process. Indeed, this is the most natural and common way to creative problem solving in several perspectives, not just in invention and design. The goal of the creative problem-solving process is to enhance the efficiency and productivity of engineer’s work, so that you can solve more problems for the same amount of time and energy.

  • Discovering effectively solutions quickly releases time and energy to manage other matters
  • Proficient and effective problem-solving efforts allow you to establish credibility with your colleagues. Coming up with effective solutions fast is a time-honored approach of setting up for a reputation with general competence.
  • It can bring you job security in the workplace at all, as it is tied to solve problems quickly and efficiently


Engineering creativity workshop is a 3-day course designed for:

  • Junior and senior engineers
  • Project engineers
  • Project managers
  • Senior executives
  • All professionals who are involved with engineering projects that require creativity skills

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of Engineering Creativity
  • Theories of Creative Processes
  • Creativity and Engineering Design
  • The Concept of Creativity and Innovation In Engineering
  • Engineering Creativity in the Economy
  • Engineering Design of Creativity
  • Creativity Methods
  • Creative Design Requirements
  • Creative Design SIT Method
  • The Creativity Components
  • Creativity and Organizations
  • TONEX Case-Study Sample: Creativity in Construction Engineering Design

Engineering Creativity Workshop


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