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Enterprise Architecture produces benefits

Enterprise Architecture: Decreasing Complexity, Increasing Profits

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a business concept that manages the business strategies of an organization and the relationship between these business strategies and IT systems. It allows organizations to align their IT infrastructure with their business goals and strategies.

Enterprise Architecture enables the planning, design, and execution of enterprise analysis for the management of business strategies. The concept of EA emerged from reasons such as the difficulty of analyzing complex systems and the inability to evaluate IT needs correctly.

One big benefit of Enterprise Architecture is that it allows organizations to decrease complexity.

Complex systems that are difficult to manage can cause many errors as well as reduce efficiency. EA emerged as a solution to the complexity of systems in organizations. Consequently, decreasing the complexity of systems is one of the biggest expectations of an organization from Enterprise Architecture.

Analysts point out that Enterprise Architecture simplifies the management of systems with the right tools. It also reduces systems complexity by detecting and stopping processes that do not contribute to targets.

Enterprise Architecture also puts a stop to wasted time, which fattens the bottom line. EA saves time for IT staff as it enables the optimization of IT tools and processes.

Enterprise Architecture also prevents bigger problems by enabling the causes of problems to be detected faster. This reduces the loss of time and workforce caused by disruptions.

This results in significant resource and cost savings. In addition, EA saves IT budget by optimizing IT infrastructure.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Enterprise Architecture, a 3-day course that is intended to serve as a guide and roadmap to enterprise engineers, enterprise architect, business and technology transformation people and other practitioners responsible for, or involved with, architecting in an enterprise context.

The Tonex Enterprise Architecture course also provides guidance with strategy making and business planning.

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