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Not all executives may be ready for the high-level strategic leadership required for membership into the C-suite.

In fact, reaching the top of an organization doesn’t necessarily mean someone is properly skilled for the job. This is where executive leadership training can help both the established executive as well as leaders on the way up.

Research by Training Industry has found that providing training to senior leaders has, in the executives’ own opinion, a significant impact on their ability and desire to lead.

Executive leadership training has become necessary because the business landscape has been impacted by issues like digital transformation, political changes, the intergenerational workplace, gender roles and economic shifts — even a pandemic.

As a result, the demands on executive leaders have shifted. Pressures are compounding on the C-suite like never before. Leaders across all industries and geographies are being challenged to solve complex business problems in new ways, with different constituents, at a new pace and scale, and with bigger consequences than ever before for getting it wrong.

Experts believe a whole-brain approach to leadership is now required. In other words, executives today need a combined focus on what we have traditionally thought of as “left” (scientific) brain skills — such as critical reasoning, decision-making and results-orientation — with “right” (creative) brain skills — such as empathy, innovation and intuition.

Research reports that organizations whose C-suite use this type of whole-brain leadership approach yield better financial outcomes than those that don’t. This includes a 22% higher revenue growth and 34% higher profitability growth.

Want to learn more?  The Tonex Executive Leadership program enables participants to better manage the nuanced paradoxes that are characteristic of business leadership. Use your own real-life challenges as a platform for putting the latest theories and tools for organizational change management into practice. Learn how to build business agility and organizational resilience — the cornerstones of driving ongoing change.

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