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Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing Training By Tonex

The fundamentals of natural gas processing training course covers the fundamentals and principals of purifying natural gas for the purpose of fuel. The fundamentals of natural gas processing training course gives you a great perspective of the natural gas industry, from wellheads to market.

Natural gas, as is used in the market, is completely different from the natural gas extracted from wellheads. While the processing of natural gas is less complicated than the processing and refining of crude oil, it is equally as necessary before its use by consumers. Some of such processes are necessary to be able to transport the gas over long distances and some are critical for the recovery of valuable components contained in the gas. If natural gas’s specifications do not agree with certain specific gravities, pressures, energy content range, or water content, its transportation can significantly damage pipelines over time or even cause pipeline rupture. Natural gas plants usually receive “crude” gas via gathering systems and then send out the treated gas through tailgates connected to intra- and inter-state pipeline networks. Along with treated natural gas, the liquids removed from gas through the processing will be sent out to petrochemical plants via pipelines. The fundamentals of natural gas processing training course gives you a thorough overview of these processes and introduces you to various steps that natural gas plants pass to deliver the usable natural gas to end users.


While many different types of processing have been used since 1850s to extract petroleum, extracting and processing the natural gas was not a target until recent years. It was either flared or simply vented to the atmosphere, mostly due to the pipeline limitations. Once pipelines became more economical and capable of transporting to long distances, natural gas processing came to attention and it has been valuable since. Natural gas benefits our society in two major aspects; it is clean and it is abundance. These two advantages cause an ongoing demand in the United States for engineers, managers, and operators in this industry. The fundamentals of natural gas processing training course teaches you the basics you would need to know about natural gas resources, its purification processes, the market, and the economics of it.

Through the fundamentals of natural gas processing training course, our instructors at TONEX will assist you to gain sufficient knowledge of the major natural gas purification processes including gas compression, dehydration, acid gas removal and tailgas cleanup, sulfur recovery, cryogenic extraction of natural gas liquids (NGL), as well as LNG production, storage and transportation.

During the natural gas processing, hydrocarbons and fluids are removed from the natural gas, producing “pipeline-quality” natural gas. Due to the regulations and restrictions of pipeline transportation, treating the pure natural gas to meet the pipeline standards is a must. In addition to the processed natural gas, some other valuable by-products such as ethane, propane, butane, pentanes, and all other associated hydrocarbons, aka NGLs, are sold separately to be used for various applications.

Who Should Attend?

The fundamentals of natural gas processing training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • technical, operations, and maintenance personnel involved in gas gathering and processing who have had limited exposure in this area managers
  • sale people
  • all the individuals who need a basic understanding of gas processing and its common technologies.

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics will be covered in the fundamentals of natural gas processing training course (detailed outline can be found under the full course description link):

  • An Overview to Natural Gas Processing
  • Natural Gas from Wellhead to the Market
  • Natural Gas Fundamentals
  • Gas Treating Processes
  • Nitrogen Rejection Processes
  • Storage System
  • Natural Gas Transportation
  • Business Sector
  • Regulations

Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing

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