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The term network centric warfare (NCW) broadly describes the combination of emerging tactics, techniques, and procedures that a fully or even partially networked force can employ to create a decisive warfighting advantage.

Also known as Network Centric Operations, NCW has been a key component of DoD planning for transformation of the military.

NCW also relies on computer equipment and networked communications technology to provide a shared awareness of the battle space for U.S. forces.

Most military strategists feel that a shared awareness increases synergy for command and control, resulting in superior decision-making, and the ability to coordinate complex military operations over long distances for an overwhelming war-fighting advantage.

Network centric warfare was pioneered by the United States Department of Defense in the 1990s when Admiral William Owens introduced the concept of a “system of systems” in a paper published by the Institute for National Security Studies.

Owens described the serendipitous evolution of a system of intelligence sensors, command and control systems, and precision weapons that enabled enhanced situational awareness, rapid target assessment and distributed weapon assignment.

Also in 1996, the Joint Chiefs of Staff released Joint Vision 2010, which introduced the military concept of full-spectrum dominance. Full Spectrum Dominance described the ability of the US military to dominate the battlespace from peace operations through to the outright application of military power that stemmed from the advantages of information superiority.

That said, the development of network-centric organizations and the growing capability of U.S. forces to conduct network-centric operations are not ends in themselves. Instead, they provide an essential means to an end, the conduct of effects-based operations (EBO).

It’s also essential that U.S. forces apply their network-centric capabilities to achieve strategic, operational, and tactical objectives with technological advances in NCW software and other key modalities.

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